Get The Perfect Finish to Move Your Parts to Market in a Fraction of the Time.

Stop losing money to rejected parts. We’ve spent the past 43 years perfecting proprietary methods to deburr, radius, clean, de-flash and remove rust from hundreds to thousands of parts all at once. If you’re a manufacturer and you need a perfect finish, count on Latem Industries to deliver.

Address: 90 Struck Ct, Cambridge, ON N1R 8L2

Located directly off Highway 401 in Cambridge, our 80,000 sq.ft. 18-bay facility has the capacity to finish thousands of parts at a time — minimizing your costs per-piece and lowering freight costs for manufacturers throughout Southern Ontario.

Whether you need deburring, rust removal or other mass finishing service, you can trust Latem Industries to do the job right.

  • 43 Years of Experience: When you've played in the dirt as long as we have, you learn a thing or two about getting it out! Rest easy knowing your parts are in capable hands.
  • Fastest Turnaround: With an arsenal of machinery, 2 shifts a day and dozens of cross-trained employees, we can easily turn out thousands (in some cases millions) of finished parts in a single day.
  • Exceptional Service: We'll take the time to assess your needs and select precisely the right methods to achieve a perfect finish. Count on us for accountability, responsiveness and fast answers to all your process questions!
  • Industry Experts: Sure, we've got proprietary methods and world-class finishing machines. But in the end, it's the people that truly make the difference, and we have the most qualified team in the industry!
  • Rigorous Quality Control: Rest easy knowing your parts are held to strict internationally-recognized quality standards. Ask about our ISO 9001:2015 certification to learn more!

Extend the life of your parts, increase efficiencies and boost your bottom line. Fill out the form or call us to request a free estimate now!

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Finishing Services
Vibratory Finishing
Latem Industries is a pioneer in removing rust, sharp edges & rough surfaces through vibratory processes.
Shot Blasting
Multiple processes available for specific requirements, including tumble blast units, belt blasting, tables and monorail blasting lines.
Barrel Tumbling
Highly effective and cost efficient method of rust removal, edge breaking and polishing.
Ultrasonic Cleaning
Latem Industries operates multiple ultrasonic cleaning stations to achieve various cleanliness specs with precision.
Industries We Serve
Latem Industries processes 85% of the metal parts and components used in Ontario's automotive manufacturing sector.
Our finishing and coating services ensure components like playground stairs and bases are safe and durable.
Servicing top HVAC manufacturers to remove rust, excess oils, unwanted sharp edges, and/or scaling from HVAC parts.