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Latem Industries uses proprietary shot peening machines and methods to process thousands of aluminum and stainless steel parts in no time. Get a quote for shot peening now!

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What is shot peening? Shot peening or ball peening is a fast, cost-efficient cold peening process used to a compressive residual stress layer. The shot peened surfaces are strengthened against fatigue and stress corrosion failures.

Latem Industries has spent the past 43 years perfecting proprietary peening machines and methods capable of finishing thousands of metal parts at once. Whether you’re only in need of peening services or also in search of deburring, metal polishing, or powder coating services, here’s why you can count on Latem Industries for top-tier metal finishing services:

  • 43 Years of Experience: Know that your products are in capable hands. With Latem, you’re benefiting from decades of expertise shot peening metal parts.
  • Fastest Turnaround: With an arsenal of specialized machinery and a dedicated team, Latem can get thousands of parts done in a day.
  • Exceptional Service: Partner with a finishing expert that listens to your needs. Latem takes time to listen so we can fine-tune our shot peening process to achieve the results you’re looking for.
  • Rigorous Quality Control: Get the quality finish you need through shot peening processes held to strict, internationally-recognized ISO 9001:2015 quality standards.

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Finishing Services
Vibratory Finishing
Latem Industries is a pioneer in cleaning rust, sharp edges & rough surfaces through vibratory processes.
Shot Blasting
Multiple processes available for specific requirements, including tumble blast units, belt blasting, tables and monorail blasting lines.
Barrel Tumbling
Highly effective and cost efficient metal finishing services for rust removal, edge breaking and polishing.
Ultrasonic Cleaning
Latem Industries operates multiple ultrasonic cleaning stations to achieve various cleanliness specs with precision.
Industries We Serve
Latem Industries processes 85% of the metal parts and components used in Ontario's automotive manufacturing sector.
Our finishing and coating services ensure components like playground stairs and bases are safe and durable, using the best powder coat steel techniques.
Servicing top HVAC manufacturers to remove rust, excess oils, unwanted sharp edges, and/or scaling from HVAC parts.